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Banana [userpic]


November 11th, 2008 (09:34 am)

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I think I have been getting this feeling every fall/winter since I started college. It feels like it was just the other day I was going through my student teaching and now this year is already ending. *Sigh*

It's always interesting to see how 5th graders think. They are so innocent yet so much more mature than when I was in 5th grade. hahaha... I hope all of my hakwon students grow up to be what they want to be and achieve to their fullest extent. Hopefully they won't let their lazy selves get to them because they are all very bright. :)

I really love Michael Buble's voice. It is so smooth. ^^ I really envy those with amazing voices or great dancing skills. I think most people that can sing well were born with the talent. I guess effort does take part but it seems that those that are really gifted just come with it naturally.

Banana [userpic]

My day at anime expo

July 4th, 2008 (11:06 pm)

I had fun at anime expo. It was interesting to see all of the people dressed up as various characters. I only wish I was more into anime, because it seemed like a foreign world to me. I got a cute bookmark and pin with a panda. I was also able to take a picture with the cat from shrek and a big brown thing. I forgot what it was called.

Banana [userpic]

Summer Time

July 1st, 2008 (07:17 pm)

Oh it has been too long since I have done my last entry. Almost 9-10 months! I wish I wrote more but I was so busy inbetween. There was my student teaching for four months, then work of course. This summer I am once again working at an academy (hakwon). It's interesting, and tiring at the same time but I am learning how to work with my kids and my schedule. I am on a job hunt as well... I have applied to two districts so far, and I am going to send out for another this week. Hopefully I will be able to have a job by the fall. If not, I will have to go the substitute route.

It is funny how as we get older we want to learn more. I feel as though when I was younger I wasted a lot of time doing random things (mostly rolling around). I can see this in many of my students at the hakwon and during my student teaching... I guess you really don't come to realize how important it is to learn... but I guess as adults we have the freedom to learn what we enjoy instead of what is being presented to us.

So I am determined to buy a mac. I want to get one so I can
a. organize myself with classroom stuff
b. make cool projects with the photo programs
c. have a faster computer
d. learn how to use a mac in case I will have one in my future classroom.

Are these good enough reasons? Whatever, I don't even get to go on vacation so I need to do something to make myself happy.

I guess before the summer ends I want to..
1. rearrange my room
2. paint my room
3. go to the Hollywood Bowl
4. learn how to use a mac
5. do some traveling within california (weekend trips!)
6. Learn to do some cool craft stuff (e.g. crochet, decorate a cake)...

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